Friday, December 9, 2016

Flag Burning and the Law

Should it be illegal to burn our national flag?

Imagine yourself the 'belle of the ball.'  You're intelligent, beautiful, educated, cultured, and descended of proud heritage.  You are admired and desired by all men in possession of half their wits.  Then some blustery father, dragging his son by the cuff of his jacket, approaches you.  Once in your presence, he turns to his son and demands that he dance with you.

How would this make you feel?  What would you say to these gentlemen?  Perhaps you would say something like "honor me if I am honorable; never out of requirement."  Or maybe just "Buzz Off!"

Should we pass a law that requires parents to love their children also?  What would you say to your daughter when she asks you if you love her because it's required by law?  "No my sweet, I love you because you are so lovable!  You are so deserving of my love I am incapable of not loving you!"

Millions of people, young, old, rich, poor, parents and children alike have sacrificed their bodies, their fortunes, their vary lives to preserve the ideals represented by our colors.  It is the embodiment of what is best in all of us.  It cannot be elevated higher.

Any attempt to protect this honor legally would only lower it.  Any person or group who believes that desecrating our flag will somehow advance their argument will lose more than they gain because The Stars and Stripes represent far more than the United States government or the American people.  It represents the ideals we aspire to: freedom, unity, courage, and sacrifice.  These ideals cannot be desecrated.  Their integrity is as firm as a blacksmith's anvil.  You will not break them; only yourself upon them.

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